Want to gift something trendy in sterling silver? Charm bracelets are very much in vogue these days!

A sterling silver charm bracelet is a wonderful gift for the young at heart. Charms, otherwise known as amulets or talismans, have intrigued and seduced humans since prehistoric times. From the time of their inception, charms have been associated with magic and spirituality. Therefore, they have a natural aura of the mystique and are traditionally associated with love, eternity, luck and protection berloques.

Traditionally, the charm bracelet is made in silver or gold. It contains a number of charms that are attached to the bracelet with links. Some of the most common charms that are attached to charm bracelets include stars of the zodiac, charms with lucky (birth) stones, spiritual symbols and old symbols of protection and love, like the cross and the heart. A simple chain bracelet with a single charm dangling from it is also popular. You could also have a single gemstone embedded in the charm. Due to the meanings they represent, sterling silver charm bracelets make excellent gifts during the Christmas season or Valentine season.

A sterling silver charm bracelet is made of sterling silver, which is the purest form of silver that may be used for making jewelry. You could buy the bracelet with all the charms (pre-made charm bracelets) or you could start with a few charms and add and attach charms as you go along. In the latter case, the charms that you buy will have more meaning for you as each one is chosen separately. Silver charms may be attached by a clasp or by jump rings.

The style of the bracelet also matters a lot in the overall look of the sterling silver charm bracelet. Chain and woven bracelets are two of the most popular styles of bracelets. These days, you can also find silver intertwined with pure black leather. This makes for a stunning combination.

The Italian charm bracelet is one in which the charms are snapped on to the bracelet. Thus, the charms will not dangle from the bracelet. These are bright and trendy and are idea for young adults. But these charms lie flat and therefore the bracelet does not have the same ‘jingle’ as traditional charm bracelets. The Italian charm bracelet is less expensive than traditional bracelets.